Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Will the courses that I have taken still have valid certificates?
A.  Yes. 

Q. Will the groups on Facebook related to her courses still be open?
A. Yes. 

Q. Will I get a new certificate?
A. No because the first certificate is still valid.

Q. Is it true that Doreen has denounced everything? I read that on Facebook.
A. No that is not true – Doreen is taking action prayerfully and responsibly according to her faith. The two big changes are that she no longer does predictions about the future (although if she was certain that God had given her a prophetic message, she would definitely deliver it if He guided her to); and no mediumship readings, which she has not done in a while.
Doreen describes her spiritual journey which led her back to Jesus and becoming baptized, and how her life and work has changed as a result in this video.

Q. Is Doreen judging me because she's a Christian?
A. No, she is walking the path of non-judgment as she believes Jesus teaches us to do. 

Q. Will I still have access to my video course?
A. Yes.

Q. What happened to Doreen’s animal rescue ranch?
A. Doreen and Michael are moving to the mainland, where they will have a small ranch. Unfortunately, they couldn’t fly the farm animals, only the dogs and cats. But not to worry: Since Doreen has lived in Hawaii for 11 years, she has developed a wide circle of good friends who are vegan animal lovers. They have adopted the farm animals that Doreen and Michael rescued from slaughter. Her friends are giving the animals loving and lifelong care.  

Please be assured that every donation and royalty from books, cards, and videos was used immediately to feed and care for the 300 animals on the ranch. The monthly feed and care costs exceeded the income that Doreen was receiving. Like many rescue organizations, the point of rescuing is to get the animal out of danger, and then find a good forever home. Doreen and Michael successfully did this by rescuing animals from slaughter, and then re-homing the animals where they are safe. 

Q. I understand that Doreen doesn't do mediumship or use tarot cards anymore, but I still want to. Is that okay? 

A.  Doreen respects everyone's right to choose their own spiritual path and follow their own inner guidance. She does recommend reading about God’s word regarding these topics in Deuteronomy 18:10–12, Isaiah 8:19–20, and Leviticus 19 through 20. 

Q. What about Doreen's  other card decks? 
Yes. Doreen says cards are not a substitute for talking with God directly. You don’t need cards to talk with God. These cards are for contemplation, and focal points. When you draw a card, pray for divine guidance about how it is relevant to your life right now. You’ll get a knowingness about how its message relates to something you are currently dealing with, or something that God would like you to address and work on.  

Q. Are Doreen and Radleigh still friends?
A. Yes definitely. 

Q. What card deck did she put out of print?
A. Ascended Masters, because she doesn't want anyone to inadvertently use it as a tool to worship someone other than God. 

Q. Has Doreen denounced fairies?
A. No. She continues, as always, to encourage us to use discernment and not connect with "dark fairies," which promote fear and division. If you're unsure whether anyone - person, angel, or fairy - is from God's light or not, pray directly to God and the truth will be revealed to you. 

How can I speak with Doreen Virtue? 
A. Because of Doreen’s extensive writing schedule, she is no longer able to conduct private sessions. She does answer brief questions and prayer requests through her Instagram page via direct message. She does, however, speak with people on her live, one-hour call-in online radio show Angel Therapy with Doreen Virtue on Wednesdays from 1-2 PM PST at

Q. Why do we pray to angels? Aren’t we supposed to pray to God?
A. We don’t pray to the angels, we only pray to God who sends us angels. The angels don't want us to worship them or make them into "gods." They want all glory to go to God.  So, we don’t pray to angels.  Please see Colossians 2:18 and Revelation 22:8-9 for more information. 

Q. What about Jesus?
A.  Doreen is a Christian with a personal relationship with Jesus, the son of God. She reads and studies the Bible, attends church weekly, and volunteers, and encourages others to do the same. 

Q. What about fallen angels?
A. Yes, there are definitely fallen angels and other evidence of evil in this world. Doreen teaches to only direct your prayers to God; to test the spirits (1 John 4); put on the whole armor of God (Ephesians 6:11); and to be aware that they can masquerade as an angel of light (2 Corinthians 11:14).  If you believe that an evil being is present in your life, say the name Jesus of Nazareth, which will cause them to scurry and scatter away.    

Q. Why does Doreen still have new age books and cards for sale?     
A. When Doreen became a Christian after meeting Jesus on January 7, 2017 and getting baptized on February 25, 2017, she and her publisher started to work together to make sure that her work reflected her Christian faith. This included putting some of her products out of print, and she is working to update and rewrite some of her other products. Everything that she is writing after February 25, 2017, is Christian and scriptural in nature. This changeover process with her publications is time consuming, but it is in process.   

Q. I’d like to interview Doreen for my (newspaper, radio station, magazine, television show). Who do I contact to arrange this?
A. To arrange for a media interview, please contact her publicist by visiting here and choose 'Media Interviews' from the drop down menu. 

Q. Is Virtue her real name?
A. Yes. Doreen says, "I wouldn’t have had the nerve to make-up a name like Virtue.’ However, since so many people think it’s a phony name,  she has considered adopting a more realistic sounding alias—Doreen Smith!"

Q. Where can I purchase Doreen Virtue’s books and card decks?
Doreen’s products are readily available at most bookstores in 38 languages worldwide. You can also purchase them  directly from this website from Hay House, Doreen's primary publisher.