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Doreen Virtue's Christianity conversion
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Doreen Virtue

  • Nov 19, 2017

Hello and welcome to my webpage! I'm Doreen Virtue, and I spent my entire life (58 years) learning about, practicing, and writing about new age concepts. Then I met Jesus on January 7, 2017 (the story follows) and got baptized for the first time on February 25, 2017.  I've spent this year reading and studying the entire Bible, including attending church, bible study sessions, and meeting with a spiritual director. And saying lots of prayers!

Some of the products and videos that I created prior to my conversion are still for sale, and some are just now being released because it takes about 12 to 18 months for a product to be published. With my older books and cards, once a product is in bookstores, etc., it's difficult to recall them from the marketplace. For those products which are not aligned with scripture, I am doing the following:

* Some products have been, or are being, taken out of print or removed from the marketplace.

* My name has been removed from some co-authored works.

* The royalties have been, and are being, donated directly to the Hay Foundation Charity. I don't receive the tax deduction for this donation.

* Some products are being rewritten to be scripturally correct.

It's an awkward transition period for me, as I have a huge catalog of cards, books, and videos to go through. Please know that I'm 100% sincere in my convictions about following God's will, now that I have a new understanding after reading the Bible. I am praying for help with this process.

 Ironically, I always considered myself a Christian, as I've always loved Jesus and often attended a Christian church.  Yet, I still clung to new age thinking and practices, as I didn't understand fully what Jesus teaches us in the gospels  - because I hadn't read or studied the entire gospel.

Then on January 7, 2017, while I was at church during the announcements portion of the service, I saw Jesus bigger than life standing in front of me. I could no longer see the church or the people in attendance.  I just saw Him.  From his heart were the biggest rays of light I'd ever seen, each ray shining toward me so powerfully that I was thrust back in my seat.

His presence didn't seem to be personally directed toward me. It was as if Jesus was always there for everyone, and the veil was lifted at that moment.  I believe (and I pray that) we all can experience Jesus.

As I stared at Jesus and his lights, he didn't talk, but I had an instant knowingness that he was real, that he was the Son of God, and that everything that had been written about him in the Bible was true. Things I'd denied and doubted about Jesus were lifted away, and I became a true believer. A knower.

This experience both inspired and confused me. I knew I needed to read the Bible in its entirety, so I did - and from that experience, I developed a personal relationship with God. Before, I had seen God as an impersonal energy, so I had turned to angels for comfort and guidance. Now that I know God as our loving, accessible, wise, powerful Heavenly Father, I still honor God's holy angels, but my relationship with them has changed. I now see them as they're described in Hebrews 1:14, as God's ministering spirits (KJV) and God's servants (NLT), sent by God according to his will, not by our will.

I'm so grateful that Hay House is being supportive of my conversion. They have willingly taken profitable products off the market at my request, and they are publishing my new Christian works such as the "Mornings with the Lord" daily devotional book.

I apologize for any confusion this time of transition has caused anyone, but I do have complete trust that God uses everything for good and that - as long as I continue to pray and follow God's guidance - my new  work will glorify God and help others to deepen their relationship with Him.



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