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 Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get a reading with Doreen Virtue?
Because of Doreen’s extensive travel and writing schedule, she is no longer able to conduct private sessions. She does, however, conduct angel readings on random audience members at her workshops and lectures. See the workshop schedule on this Website for cities, times and dates.

Just recently, Doreen began her own live, one-hour call-in online radio show at Hay house Radio., which was just launched in Spring 2005, is a new kind of talk-radio programming that brings you the best new voices in personal growth and whole-body wellness from around the world. Tune in for Doreen’s tips on how to better connect with your angels—right from your computer. Listeners can even call in and ask Doreen a question. For Doreen’s specific show schedule and more information, visit Hay House Radio.

Why do we pray to angels? Aren’t we supposed to pray to God?
The angels don’t want us to worship them or make them into "gods." They want all glory to go to God. So, we don’t pray to angels. We only request their help and have conversations with them.

Angels are a gift from God, and our Creator intends for us to benefit from His gift to us. So there is nothing wrong with engaging in conversations with angels.

What about Jesus?
Doreen was raised as a Christian, and she continues to talk to God, Holy Spirit, Jesus and the angels. She consults them before, during and after every one of her readings and sessions. However, she realizes that many people are turned off when Jesus is "shoved down their throats." She also knows that many people have suffered painful experiences in organized religious settings. So, Doreen prefers not to "push" Jesus upon people. She respects everyone’s right to worship in whatever way they prefer. She does, however, believe that everyone benefits from having some sort of a spiritual path and a belief in a loving God.

People of all faiths and cultures believe in angels, and Doreen’s workshop audience members typically come from all sorts of religious and nonreligious backgrounds.

All are welcome! Doreen says, "I believe that the best teacher is experience. I know that when someone is trying to convince me of something, I back away. But if I have an experience, then my mindset is instantly changed." So, Doreen works to create positive and life changing experiences at her workshops.

What about what the Bible says, that it’s wrong to consult with mediums and talk to the dead?
Doreen feels peaceful about her therapeutic conversations with deceased loved ones of her audience members. She says, "We certainly don’t want to turn our lives over to our deceased loved ones. After all, it’s just as easy to contact God for guidance, as it is to ask for dear old Aunt Edna’s advice. Why would we turn to an eighth grader, when we can just as easily consult with the chief professor? To me, this is what the Bible is warning us against."

However, Doreen also strongly believes that there are certain therapeutic reasons for contacting the deceased. For instance, when Doreen practiced traditional psychotherapy, she did a lot of grief counseling. "It would take months for people to overcome their grief this way," she recalls. "But through the process of talking with their deceased loved one, people heal very rapidly. They’re able to express their feelings of hurt, anger, guilt, abandonment, loneliness, betrayal and other pent-up emotions directly to their deceased loved one, through the process of mediumship. Doreen says, "When I see people’s lives heal because they have contacted a deceased loved one, I don’t see how that could be a sin in any way. To me, it’s a process of love and forgiveness — the very properties that Jesus urged us to adopt."

What about fallen angels? Is there such a thing? Aren't you worried that the devil will disguise himself as a beautiful angel and trick you?

As a clairvoyant, Doreen can see the spirit world in great detail. She says, "There are beings that are referred to as ‘fallen angels.’ In reality, they aren’t angels at all. Angels are glowing beings, filled with the inner radiance of God’s love. Angels have soft, feathery wings. Angels always talk about, and act from, Love. The "fallen angels," in contrast, have no light in them. They have short, bat-like bony wings and clawed talons. They’re commonly called "gargoyles." These beings aren’t creations of God’s love; they’re creations of man’s fear.

The average person with loving intentions doesn’t need to worry about these dark beings. They think that loving, nice people are boring! Dark beings are attracted to those who abuse substances, and those who are dishonest, cruel, manipulative and obsessively afraid of evil.

"Earthbound spirits" are another form of so-called "fallen angels." These are deceased humans who, for a variety of reasons (fear of hell, materiality and so on.), stay rooted to earth. They are sometimes called ghosts.

The best way to clear away the presence of earthbound spirits and dark beings is to hold a constant mindset of Love. Think about God as often as you can. And call upon the Archangel Michael, who escorts away fear and darkness, to act as your "bouncer," ensuring that only invited guests are by your side and in your home.

For more information on this topic, please see Doreen’s books, Archangels & Ascended Masters, Angel Therapy, Chakra Clearing, The Lightworker’s Way, or Healing with the Angels.

How can I learn to give angel readings?
You can learn these skills at her workshops or through her various books and kits, including How To Give an Angel Card Reading Kit (Hay House, September 2005), Connecting with Your Angels Kit, Angel Guidance Board (Hay House, October 2005), and Healing with the Angels.

Which of Doreen’s books and CDs are good for beginners, that is, someone who is new to the topics of spirituality and angels?
Doreen’s new book, Angels 101 is specifically for beginners. It is a non-denominational book that gives an overview of who the angels and archangels are, how they can help us, and ways to contact them. The book is meant for mainstream individuals, as well as those who already practice spirituality.

What does it mean when I keep seeing the numbers 111 (or 444, 333 and so on)?

Very often, our angels communicate with us by causing us to look up just in time to see a clock or license plate with a certain number sequence such as 111. When we notice that we keep seeing the same number sequence repeatedly, we begin to wonder whether it means something. And if so, what does it mean? Doreen has expanded on this topic in two of her books, Healing with the Angels and Angel Numbers. (See Our Bookstore for details)

I have an angel story that I’d like to submit to Doreen. Where do I send it?
Doreen appreciates receiving your angel stories of any length for her weekly column in Woman’s World magazine (published in the US and available by subscription worldwide). If your story is selected for publication, you will receive 100 US dollars. To send your stories, please click here and choose 'Angel Stories'.

When Doreen gives an angel reading, she asks whether the person is left or right-handed. Why does she need this information?
She uses this information to discern whether a person’s deceased loved one is from their mother’s side of the family, or from their father’s side. If you’re right-handed, your paternal (birth, step, or adoptive) deceased relatives stand near your right side, and your maternal (birth, step, or adoptive) deceased relatives stand near your left side. Deceased siblings and children stand near your left side, and deceased spouses stand behind you. If you’re left handed, the reverse is true.

What can I expect by going to Doreen’s workshop?
Doreen’s workshops tend to be very high-energy and entertaining, so you certainly won’t become bored! Doreen gives an overview of the angelic kingdom, including archangels, guardian angels, nature angels, deceased loved ones and ascended masters. Then, she’ll lead you through step-by-step instructions enabling you to clearly hear, see and feel the presence of your guardian angels.

In addition, Doreen will teach you how to give angel readings, how to engage in automatic writing in a safe and effective manner, how to learn the difference between true and false guidance, how to see and interpret auras and medical intuition. During each workshop, Doreen gives random readings by taking questions from the audience.

These workshops usually end with a guided meditation, in which Doreen helps you to discover the names of your guardian angels. You will work with your angels during this meditation, to receive messages from them and learn how to heal any issues with the help of your angels.

I’d like to interview Doreen for my (newspaper, radio station, magazine, television show). Who do I contact to arrange this?
To arrange for a media interview, please contact her publicist by clicking here and choose 'Media Interviews'.

Is Virtue her real name?
Yes. Doreen says, "I wouldn’t have had the nerve to make-up a name like ‘Dr. Virtue.’ However, since so many people think it’s a phony name, I HAVE considered adopting a more realistic sounding alias—Doreen Smith!"

Are your seminars appropriate for children, teenagers, skeptical spouses, friends, or family members?
Many people bring their children and adolescents to Doreen’s workshops, and they’re amazed at how fascinated their youths are by the topic of angels. However, it’s recommended that you not bring babies to the workshop, as you (and other audience members) may find yourself distracted during the meditation portion, if your baby begins to cry.

Skeptical loved ones also attend Doreen’s seminars, but she does NOT have a goal of converting skeptics into believers. She simply creates experiences that often convert skeptics on their own terms. Each month, Doreen hears from dozens of former skeptics who say that the experience of the workshop helped them to lose their doubts or negative feelings about spirituality and the psychic domain.

Where can I purchase Doreen Virtue’s books, CDs, card decks and kits?
All of Doreen’s products are readily available at most conventional, metaphysical and online bookstores. You can also purchase them directly from this Website from Hay House, Doreen’s primary publishers.

How do I find out about my angels and what direction my future is going?
Doreen discusses this topic at her workshops and in most of her books, including Archangels & Ascended Masters, Angel Medicine and Earth Angels. You may also find it helpful to use Doreen’s various card decks, such as Archangel Oracle Cards, Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards, and Healing with the Angels Oracle Cards. These cards are an easy way to talk with your angelic, elemental and ascended-master realms. There are no frightening cards in the deck, as angels and heavenly beings always speak from a place of love.

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