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The Angel Therapy Message Board is a place for lightworkers to gather, share ideas and post information. All users can read the public boards. however to post messages you must register first. The private boards are for graduates of Angel Therapy courses and require a password.

After much prayer and discussion with the Angel Therapy® Inc Staff, we have made the decision to give a new form to the Prayer Board. The current board will be closing effective May 1, 2007. We are so very thankful for your participation here, and urge you to continue to pray of behalf of all who are in need of assistance. If you'd like us to pray for you, please use the Contact Us section of this Web site and send your request to Prayer Request. -The Angel Moderators

Doreen shares messages from the angels, announcements and topical articles of interest to lightworkers in her monthly newsletter.

Registered students can access information about the ATP® and AI™ course on this board.

Support and discussion board for ATPs and AIs only.

Certified mediums share their experiences, ask questions, get support and make announcements about workshops and media interviews on this board.

A place for PSTTP graduates to share information.

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