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Hearing Your Angels' Messages

 Not everyone "hears" angelic voices as an audible sound. Many people receive divine messages through nonverbal means such as visions, feelings, or a knowingness. Hearing the voice of God and the angels is called "clairaudience," which means "clear hearing." The voice may sound like your own or it may sound different. The voice can emanate from within your body, within your mind, or sound as if it's outside your head. When an angel warned me that my car was ab

My Life-Changing Experience with Jesus
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Doreen Virtue

As we enter the holiday season, we frequently see the sentiment, “Peace on Earth.” Yet, news stories can make it seem that the world is going crazy . . . and it can make you feel crazy yourself. You and I can't allow darkness to pull us down, however, as we were sent to earth for a reason. That’s why I'd like to share my personal story of Jesus, as I feel the world needs him more now than ever.   When I was 17, I graduated from high school and moved out of

How Can Jesus Help Me?
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Doreen Virtue

What we know about Jesus of Nazareth comes from the four Gospels and the letters of Paul in the New Testament. Since the Gospels were written 70 or more years after the physical passing ofJesus, it’s obvious that none of the authors met Jesus during his human lifetime. Their accounts, then, are based upon secondhand (or more) information passed down through time. No historian who lived during the time of Jesus’ human life mentioned him in written accounts of that time period.

7 Common Blocks To Abundance

The term Angels of Abundance refers to the particular angels who ensure that our Divine mission here on Earth isn’t hampered by lack. The angels know that we need material support to fulfill our life purpose, and they are able to help us with this support. There’s nothing wrong with asking Heaven to help us with finances and other material necessities so that we can devote ourselves to helping and healing others. 

Incarnated Angels And Starpeople
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Doreen Virtue

People have come from all over the universe to live upon earth. In my private psychic counseling practice, I've been able to get to know many people whose origins are not of this earth. I've learned that there are many incarnated extraterrestrials (ETs), angels, and walk-ins upon the planet right now.

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