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Keys to Healing Drama Addiction
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I wrote my book, Don’t Let Anything Dull Your Sparkle, because during my 25 years of worldwide travel, I’d witnessed drama addiction in people everywhere I went. This book is my way of giving a reassuring and compassionate hug to everyone, saying: “Here’s why you feel afraid, nervous, and worried . . . and here’s how you can heal yourself so that you feel safe and secure.” After completing all of the research and writing of Don’t Let Anything Dull Your Sparkle, I hav

How A Protective Mother Goddess Helped Me To Overcome Anxiety

As I describe in the article One Past-Life Regression That Hints Of Another,I know that a past-life experience is what causes me to experience deep anxiety in situations where breathing is a challenge. Luckily this time a Goddess Angel was on hand to help when I needed her most.  

One Past-Life Regression That Hints Of Another

Here is a past life regression that I wanted to share. I’m riding across the Egyptian desert, escaping persecutors who believe that my teacher’s work is dangerous and blasphemous. We’re a group of his students, and we’ve already traveled from Greece to Egypt. We thought Egypt would be our long-term home, but the authorities had other ideas. I am Ruma,

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