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Heavenly Help for Holiday Stress

It’s no coincidence that holiday decorations and greeting cards prominently feature angels. After all, the holiday season is a celebration of light and love, which is exactly what the angels are all about.   The angels are God’s messengers of love and light. The Archangel Gabriel in particular is associated with Christmas because of the Annunciation of Christ’s birth to Mother Mary. So you’ll see images of Gabriel, holding the trumpet of ann

Where Is Archangel Gabriel In The Bible?
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"Fear not: for, behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy..." These poetic words from Archangel Gabriel during the Annunciation of Mary's motherhood (Luke 2:10) stir great emotion within me and many others. This sentence is Gabriel's heralding of the news of the forth-coming birth of a true miracle worker. Along with Michael, Gabriel is one of only two named angels in the canonical Bible. Although Michael is named, only Gabriel has conversations and encount

4 Ways Archangel Gabriel Can Help With Pregnancy

Below is an excerpt from my book, Miracles of Archangel Gabriel. There are numerous reasons to think of Archangel Gabriel when you have concerns about conception, pregnancy, childbirth and even parenting. Here are four examples of the ways the Messenger Angel can help you.   1. Announcing Births When Archangel Gabriel announced to Zechariah that his wife, Elizabeth, would give birth to a son who would be the predecessor of Jesus C

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