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How to See Angels

  How to See Angels   God has assigned guardian angels to you, and most likely you have felt their comforting presence when you’ve been sad or afraid. Perhaps you’ve even heard a divine message which gave you protective guidance. You can also learn how to SEE the angels.     Babies and young children easily see the angels, because they don’t worry whether it’s their imagination or not. They simply see what they see.

Open Up Your Third Eye Though Meditation
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Excerpted from my book, The Lightworker's Way

Although I felt I had become oversaturated with listening to speakers, I was inexplicably drawn to the description in a brochure of an eight-hour seminar by fellow Hay House author, Wayne Dyer. What transpired at the seminar led to my transformation into a metaphysician.

Meditating for Manifesting

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Healing With The Angels

Discover various ways that angels can assist you in healing all areas of your life. Doreen leads you through a powerful meditation that invites archangels-an your own...

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