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Coming Out of the Spiritual Closet

How do you handle it when your family, friends, or co-workers hold different spiritual or religious viewpoints than yourself . . . and they want to convince you that their way is the only right way? For many of us who are sensitive and who have been bullied, we hide our true beliefs and stay in the “spiritual closet.” I did this for years amongst my colleagues when I was a psychotherapist at hospital and outpatient facilities.  I was raised with beliefs in the healing power of prayer, and had been teased terribly as a child because i

Self-Discovery Through Spiritual Astrology

Astrology is a trustworthy pathway to self-discovery for all. Through astrology, you can understand your personality, relationships, moods, energy cycles, and even your life-purpose. Astrology is aligned with all religious and spiritual paths, as it’s a time-honored tradition for unlocking your Book of Life.

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