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4 Ingredients to Help You Detox

If you’re new to detoxing, you may feel perplexed when you’re hungry and wonder, What can I eat? The answer is: focus on the ingredients that go into meals more than the meal itself. Many ingredients that you may already have in your kitchen can assist your detox and boost your immune system and energy levels. In many cases, detox is about adding a helpful ingredient to your diet. Here are four naturally detoxing ingredients which you can add to your diet:

Archangel Michael's Detox With A Difference
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Doreen Virtue

Vacuuming is a spiritual clearing method channeled from Archangel Michael. It’s extremely effective for releasing negativity. Michael dispels psychic attacks and blocks by using his etheric suction tube, which resembles a vacuum. By inviting Archangel Michael into your life, you give him permission to help you.

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