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Why Low Self-Esteem Can Actually HELP Your Creativity

I wrote The Courage To Be Creative to help you have confidence in your creative visions, ideas, and feelings. In my travels around the world, I spent time with many successful authors and artists, and observed that they had insecurities.  Yet, they funneled their self-doubts into their creative projects and you can do the same!  Learn more about my new book here - and if you order the book before July 30th, you can get 4 bonus gifts designed to help you on your creative path - including my meditation to help you have the courage to feel your feelings.

Below is an excerpt from the book:

Some people walk around all day feeling like there’s something fundamentally wrong with them. Perhaps you have felt that way. I certainly have. We feel stuck and insecure, comparing ourselves to those who seem to

3 Steps to Increasing Your Self-Worth

Feeling unworthy and unlovable and assuming that others will reject you are symptoms of having a traumatic experience. This is especially true if you were abused, neglected, or rejected in early childhood. Self-blame for the trauma leads to the belief that you must have done something bad to deserve the punishment. Of course this is an untrue and very sad belief. However, this is how trauma survivors organize their memories of their painful experiences. These f

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