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What Is Emotional Abuse?

What Is Emotional Abuse? Also known as psychological, verbal, or mental abuse, emotional abuse is the condition where you are repeatedly emotionally hurt by ongoing. Here are descriptions from my book, Don't Let Anything Dull Your Sparkle, a book about healing from traumatic experiences: Put-downs: Name-calling, cursing, being told you’re not good enough, and that there’s something wrong with you (including implying or joking this accusation).

18 Tips For Healing Anxiety From Toxic Relationships

Being in a relationship that is safe and mutually respectful is a normal human desire and we all deserve to have those qualities in our relationships. However, all too often we blame ourselves for relationship problems, rather than simply acknowledging it is toxic or dysfunctional and whether it is salvageable.  Here are 18 tips to break free of toxic relationship patterns that are keeping you miserable.    Tip 1: Remove Yoursel

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