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Empathy, Pain Medication, and Relationships

I've been deeply affected by reading a new study that found: Taking over-the-counter pain medication reduces a person's ability to empathize with other people's pain, according to a new study in the Social Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience Journal.  According to thetwo  double-blind studiesconducted at Ohio State University, people who take Acetaminophen, the main pain-reducing ingredient in Tylenol, were less able to empathize with other people's painfu

18 Tips For Healing Anxiety From Toxic Relationships

Being in a relationship that is safe and mutually respectful is a normal human desire and we all deserve to have those qualities in our relationships. However, all too often we blame ourselves for relationship problems, rather than simply acknowledging it is toxic or dysfunctional and whether it is salvageable.  Here are 18 tips to break free of toxic relationship patterns that are keeping you miserable.    Tip 1: Remove Yoursel

How Earth Angels Can Stop Being Rescuers And Enablers

Earth Angels think that rescuing is a normal part of all relationships. They see themselves as strong and able to manifest endless resources—which is an accurate description, because they’ve learned how to tap into Source for energy and supply. Earth Angels are so empathetic that they can feel everyone’s emotions, especially the painful ones.

Healthy Relationships With Departed Loved Ones

 Our relationships with our loved ones don't end with their death. The relationship merely changes form. As a psychotherapist and clairvoyant medium, I help my clients to maintain healthy relationships with their loved ones on the other side. Healthy post-death relationships are important for the sakes of souls on both sides of the veil of death.

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