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Why Seeing Lights is a Sign from Your Angels

Angel Lights About fifty percent of my audience members worldwide report seeing flashes or sparkles of light with their physical eyes. They've been checked by medical doctors and ophthalmologist eye doctors, and their health isn't creating the lights. The angels are. These lights look like camera flashbulbs or shimmering sparkles. Sometimes, they’re white lights, and other times, they’re bright jewel shades of purple, blue, green and other colors. Sever

How to See Angels

  How to See Angels   God has assigned guardian angels to you, and most likely you have felt their comforting presence when you’ve been sad or afraid. Perhaps you’ve even heard a divine message which gave you protective guidance. You can also learn how to SEE the angels.     Babies and young children easily see the angels, because they don’t worry whether it’s their imagination or not. They simply see what they see.

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