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The 21 Essential Ways to Know if Someone is Drama-Addicted

If you feel like you and your friends are living in a giant reality show with non-stop drama, it may be because of drama addiction. As you detox from drama addiction yourself, you may need to pull away (temporarily or permanently) from people who feed into the addiction. This is similar to a newly recovering alcoholic distancing him- or herself from previous drinking buddies. While you can have compassion for everyone struggling with addictions, you’ve got to t

How Your Friendships Change Along Your Spiritual Path

The spiritual path is life-changing.  Spirituality changes what and who you’re attracted to. Your tastes in food, music, movies, free time activities, and friendships change as your focus becomes more heart-centered.   As a result of our spiritual study, we lose the desire for mood- altering substances, we’re repelled by violence in the media, and our attraction to people changes. The angels explain a lot of these changes as being a result of our “fr

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