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5 Ways to Shield and Clear Your Energy

The energy’s intense right now, and it looks like it will stay intense for awhile. Those who are sensitive may absorb other people’s fear, anger, or stress energy, and confuse it with their own emotions. So it’s essential to manage your own energy with shielding and clearing methods such as these: The Power of Nature. The great outdoors has a wonderful clearing effect, so if you can take regular walks, hikes, or spend time sitting in nature, you’ll feel refr

The Sensitive Person’s Guide to Clearing and Shielding Your Energy

As a highly sensitive person—also known as an empath—you feel everyone else’s emotions. Your body functions like a vibrational instrument, like a drum vibrating in tune to other people’s thoughts and emotions. As a sensitive person, you also absorb other people’s thoughts and feelings. This is why after you have a conversation with someone, you walk away feeling drained or upset. A part of this is because you’re worried about whether the person will be okay in enduri

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