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5 Reasons Why Water Helps You to Get Answers
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You're in the shower, and you receive a brilliant idea! Why is that? Water promotes meditation, because it's symbolic of the emotions and unconscious mind. So water's meditative qualities open us up to hearing and listening to guidance. Water relaxes us with its negative ions, particularly from running water like showers, waterfalls, and waves. Negative ions bring about feelings of bliss. Water has healing properties. Ther

The Healing Power of Water Wells
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Doreen Virtue

I’ve personally visited several healing wells dedicated to goddesses and saints. Each time, I’ve noticed intense feelings of positive energy near these healing waters. The well (known as a “grotto”) of Lourdes, France was a particularly powerful experience for me. Standing near the water felt as intense as being in a room filled with angels drawing impurities out of my body, mind, and emotions. I’ve witnessed people wheeled on gurneys to these healing wells, and seen

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