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How to Manifest Instantly

Divine Magic means that you have the God-given power to heal and manifest anything you need for your life purpose. The study of this ability is called Hermetics, based upon the ancient love-based Hermetic teachings (not to be confused with some fear-based teachings which aren't genuine Hermetics).

One of the principles that has helped me the most is called "The Principle of Polarity."  The Principle of Polarity could also be called “The Principle of Practicality,” since it offers a profoundly practical tool for living, manifesting, and healing. It’s based upon the Hermetic principle that everything has two polarities or extremes. These seeming opposites are part of the same pole, and they’re just situated at different ends. For example, hot and cold are extremes of the pole called “temperature.”   In between the two polarities of hot an

How Divine Hermetic Alchemy Works
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You have magical abilities that are inherent, inborn, and God-given. Since you were made in the image and likeness of the Creator, it makes sense that you have creative abilities and Divine power. One of your life’s purposes is to learn how to harness your gifts into loving and positive action.                  In ancient Egypt, a great spiritual teacher wrote books and lectured about th

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