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Self-Discovery Through Spiritual Astrology

Astrology is a trustworthy pathway to self-discovery for all. Through astrology, you can understand your personality, relationships, moods, energy cycles, and even your life-purpose. Astrology is aligned with all religious and spiritual paths, as it’s a time-honored tradition for unlocking your Book of Life.

Archangel Michael's Detox With A Difference
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Doreen Virtue

Vacuuming is a spiritual clearing method channeled from Archangel Michael. It’s extremely effective for releasing negativity. Michael dispels psychic attacks and blocks by using his etheric suction tube, which resembles a vacuum. By inviting Archangel Michael into your life, you give him permission to help you.

Asking The Angels Into Your Dreams
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Doreen Virtue

You can receive consistent and clear guidance while you sleep by inviting angels into your dreams. This is an especially good way to gain new understandings and creative ideas when your daytime thinking mode is locked into black-and-white viewpoints. While sleeping, we let go of rigid thought patterns. God and the angels can more easily transfer Divine ideas to us when we are open-minded, such as when we're asleep.

Healing Messages From The Angels
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Doreen Virtue

The angels are here on earth now more than ever, as we strive for peace, compassion, and tolerance in today’s world. They bring us guidance and reassurance, but mostly they bring us reminders of the love that exists within each of us. Here are some recent healing messages that the angels have given to me:

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