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How A Healthy Endocrine System Increases Your Intuition
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In my new book Nutrition For Intuition  that I co-wrote with Robert Reeves, we share information about foods to eat and avoid to enhance your spiritual gifts. The three clairs located within our heads—clairvoyance, clairaudience, and claircognizance—are also regulated by three members of the endocrine system in the head. Therefore, having an healthy endocrine system, is key to optimizing your intuitive skills.  Here is a brief overview of each.

Where Is Archangel Gabriel In The Bible?
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Doreen Virtue

"Fear not: for, behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy..." These poetic words from Archangel Gabriel during the Annunciation of Mary's motherhood (Luke 2:10) stir great emotion within me and many others. This sentence is Gabriel's heralding of the news of the forth-coming birth of a true miracle worker. Along with Michael, Gabriel is one of only two named angels in the canonical Bible. Although Michael is named, only Gabriel has conversations and encount

3 Tips For Getting Rid Of Worry
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Doreen Virtue

The trouble with worry as a control device is that the opposite of what you desire always occurs. What you worry about tends to happen. It’s an extremely low- vibrational energy that causes tension in your face, body, and mind.  Worry pushes away other people, who are consciously or unconsciously repelled by the low energy of this emotion. So, worrying can leave you feeling lonely and afraid at a time when you need support. In addition, by obsessively worrying a

Why I Went From Blonde to Brunette Hair

My publicity photos are air-brushed to remove wrinkles, and makeup and lighting make me look younger in my videos. So in case you were wondering what I look like without makeup, here’s a recent closeup photo of me. I normally don’t wear skin foundation makeup, just a little organic lipstick. I like my skin to breathe. I have wrinkles and am proud of them! I’ve earned every wrinkle with raising two sons, traveling for 25 years, and normal day-to-day stress. I’m often

Homemade Organic Lotion and Shaving Cream Recipe

I’m a label-reader, and I also research how those ingredients affect our health. Back in 1996, I was guided to go organic and to avoid eating chemicals or rubbing them on my skin. As I wrote about in my book, “Don’t Let Anything Dull Your Sparkle,” our skin pores act as tiny mouths that absorb into our system. If you wouldn’t eat it, it shouldn’t be rubbed into your scalp or your skin. So I began making my own chemical-free skin care products. Here is my favorite rec

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