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Plastic Water Bottles And Your Health

When I was a child, and we wanted a drink of water, we'd reach for the garden hose or the kitchen tap. When did drinking water -- such an essential ingredient for health -- become so complicated? Well, it isn't complicated when you learn a bit about what to avoid . . . namely, plastic bottles. Bisphenol A, or BPA, is a chemical used to make plastics stronger. Many water bottles and food containers contain BPA. These plastics will be labeled with a recycling number 3

Why Detox Helps Your Life Purpose

When you’re born, you’re given one body. This is the vessel that carries your soul for the duration of this lifetime. Your precious body is your primary tool for fulfilling what you came here to do, and you must care for it, as it cannot be replaced.   Before you were born, you committed to sacred contracts for your life purposes. As you progress through life, you’ll uncover what those purposes are. They fall into two categories: personal and global.

Heavenly Help for Holiday Stress

It’s no coincidence that holiday decorations and greeting cards prominently feature angels. After all, the holiday season is a celebration of light and love, which is exactly what the angels are all about.   The angels are God’s messengers of love and light. The Archangel Gabriel in particular is associated with Christmas because of the Annunciation of Christ’s birth to Mother Mary. So you’ll see images of Gabriel, holding the trumpet of ann

Why Sage and Smudging Clear Your Energy

Sage is nature's vacuum cleaner, which clears and detoxes . . . and finally, science shows us why. For centuries, Indigenous Peoples have burned dried bundles of sage in a process called "smudging." This involves moving the sage bundle around anyone or anywhere that you want to clear the air. The primary intention is to clear away negative energy, including fear, anger, and also earthbound or lower spirits. Anything unwanted, smudging removes. Now, scientific r

What is the meaning of Number 12?

Each number has a meaning, especially when you see the number repetitively. The number 12 is a combination of the numbers 1, which means, "Stay positive," and 2, which means, "Keep the faith." Together, 12 is a strong message to stay positive, optimistic, and filled with faith . . . because your positive thoughts and faith will create a positive outcome.  The more 12's you see, the stronger this message. So, for example, if you see 1212 or 121212, you are being strong

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