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7 Common Blocks To Abundance

The term Angels of Abundance refers to the particular angels who ensure that our Divine mission here on Earth isn’t hampered by lack. The angels know that we need material support to fulfill our life purpose, and they are able to help us with this support. There’s nothing wrong with asking Heaven to help us with finances and other material necessities so that we can devote ourselves to helping and healing others. 

Never Worry That You're Bothering the Angels

You can’t bother angels or call upon them too much, because angels are pure energy of Divine Love. The word angel means “Messenger of God,” and our Creator made angels to help us to hear the messages that God is sending to us all. God’s angels are omnipresent, which means unlimited. They don’t have human bodies, so they can never get tired. Angels do not have egos, just like God doesn’t have an ego. So, angels will never judge, complain, or try to choose betwee

Do Your Flower Bouquets Contain Harmful Chemicals?

The next time you order a flower bouquet as a gift, or you receive a bouquet, make sure it's chemical free before touching the flowers or smelling them.   What do Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, birthdays, funerals, and weddings each have in common? Why, flowers, of course. It's a time-honored tradition to pin a corsage on your partner on prom night, and no college graduation would be complete without at least one celebratory bouquet. We give flo

4 Ways To Find Your Tribe

If you feel lonely, or misunderstood by your current group of friends or partner, then it’s time to find your “tribe.”   Your tribe consists of like-minded people who understand you. They can be friends, business partners, or your romantic partner. They are gentle and respectful to you, and would never make fun of you. For that reason, you feel comfortable being yourself around your tribe members.    When you’re with your tribe, there

3 Foods to Increase Your Intuition

I’ve studied the link between diet and intuition for over 20 years, as a former eating disorder therapist and as a teacher of intuition. My first studies began with shifting my own diet. In 1996, I would sit for hours in meditation and ask how to become more clairvoyant. The answers which came to me were food-related. At first, I was confused because I hadn’t yet realized the link between the foods we eat and our intuition. But now that I’ve followed this guidance fo

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