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Open Up Your Third Eye Though Meditation
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Excerpted from my book, The Lightworker's Way

Although I felt I had become oversaturated with listening to speakers, I was inexplicably drawn to the description in a brochure of an eight-hour seminar by fellow Hay House author, Wayne Dyer. What transpired at the seminar led to my transformation into a metaphysician.

Meditating for Manifesting

The Answers Are In Your Dreams

One of the most important forms of dreaming is lucid dreaming. This is when you are clearly aware that you are dreaming. Everything will seem vivid and real, and your senses will be intensified. You can then influence the events that are taking place or choose to create a completely new reality.

Shared Characteristics Of Mermaids
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Doreen Virtue

I’d noticed during my Angel Therapy Practioner ® and Angel Intuitive ™ courses, that Merpeople of all races share some characteristics therefore I decided to create a survey to discover whether these patterns held true in larger samples. I placed a notice in my monthly newsletter, asking those who resonated with the definition of Merpeople to please complete my survey.

Connecting With The Fairies
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Doreen Virtue

My breath deepened as I obediently sat on the sand. “We’d like to show you our healing abilities. You may want to lie down to experience this,” they told me through a wordless inner voice, which was more like thought transference than the spoken voices I’d heard from the angels.

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