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As we enter the holiday season, we frequently see the sentiment, “Peace on Earth.” Yet, news stories can make it seem that the world is going crazy . . . and it can make you feel crazy yourself. You and I can't allow darkness to pull us down, however, as we were sent to earth for a reason. That’s why I'd like to share my personal story of Jesus, as I feel the world needs him more now than ever.   When I was 17, I graduated from high school and moved out of

How to Keep the Faith and Keep Going

I understand how frustrating and disappointing it can feel, when your dreams don’t seem to be immediately realized. You are excited to share your product or service with others, and to get going with your life purpose career. This can also be true with your prayers for healing, relationships, and so forth. I felt that way when I sent my first book proposal to potential publishers, and all I received were rejection letters. At first, I thought this might be a sign tha

Plastic Water Bottles And Your Health

When I was a child, and we wanted a drink of water, we'd reach for the garden hose or the kitchen tap. When did drinking water -- such an essential ingredient for health -- become so complicated? Well, it isn't complicated when you learn a bit about what to avoid . . . namely, plastic bottles. Bisphenol A, or BPA, is a chemical used to make plastics stronger. Many water bottles and food containers contain BPA. These plastics will be labeled with a recycling number 3

Why Detox Helps Your Life Purpose

When you’re born, you’re given one body. This is the vessel that carries your soul for the duration of this lifetime. Your precious body is your primary tool for fulfilling what you came here to do, and you must care for it, as it cannot be replaced.   Before you were born, you committed to sacred contracts for your life purposes. As you progress through life, you’ll uncover what those purposes are. They fall into two categories: personal and global.

How to Deal with Toxic Family Issues

How do you spend time with family when one or more members are rude or abusive? On the one hand, you have to save yourself from abuse, which is toxic to your mental, emotional, and physical health. But on the other hand . . . it’s family! If you stay away, the guilt and sadness can be just as debilitating as the anger and hurt you feel when you’re with them. Compounding these dynamics, you may receive beratings and ostracism for avoiding your family. There are

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