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Why Leprechauns Have Pots of Gold with Rainbows

Leprechauns, like fairies, are associated with gold because they are said to live underground where precious metals originate. In fact, "pixie dust" was thought to be the shavings of gold that accompanies fairies when they exit the mines. Leprechauns are clever and they excel at practical jokes, including telling humans that they've hidden a pot of gold at the end of each rainbow . . . knowing full well that no one can ever reach a rainbow's end.  Leprechaun

Connecting With The Fairies
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My breath deepened as I obediently sat on the sand. “We’d like to show you our healing abilities. You may want to lie down to experience this,” they told me through a wordless inner voice, which was more like thought transference than the spoken voices I’d heard from the angels.

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