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Definition of Clairvoyance

The word Clairvoyance means "Clear Seeing," and it refers to seeing either in your mind's eye (mental imagery) or with your physical eyes.  Clairvoyant visions can be a single image like a photograph, or a moving image like a movie.  They can be black-and-white, muted light-filled colors, or full-color. Some clairvoyant visions involve seeing a symbol, and other visions show the whole picture. It appears that you will see what you need to see, in answer to the qu

Why It's So Important To Keep Your Chakras Clear
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Doreen Virtue

Essence of Pure Energy

You are a being composed of light, love, and intelligence. These characteristics are the essence of pure energy. So, you are an energetic being. Sometimes, though, you may not feel that way. In fact, you might feel the complete opposite of energy. Still, you have unlimited energy within you right now, and this energy has remarkable gifts.

Opening Our Hearts
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Doreen Virtue

The heart chakra becomes clogged, shrunken, and dirty from fears associated with love. It seems that every person has suffered pain in a relationship, including romantic, family, and friend relationships. This pain causes us to fear love. Yet, because love is the essence of life, this fear causes us to lose touch with life's true essence. We become confused and forget what true love feels like.

Open Up Your Third Eye Though Meditation
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Doreen Virtue

Excerpted from my book, The Lightworker's Way

Although I felt I had become oversaturated with listening to speakers, I was inexplicably drawn to the description in a brochure of an eight-hour seminar by fellow Hay House author, Wayne Dyer. What transpired at the seminar led to my transformation into a metaphysician.

Meditating for Manifesting

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