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5 Steps For Healing From Your PTSD Symptoms
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Trauma is something that I’ve dealt with in my own personal life and also something I have helped a great many of my clients work through.  Trauma has touched virtually everyone on this planet, especially secondary trauma from watching too many news clips of horrors and tragedy. Trauma is also the reason why we’re addicted to reality television, celebrity gossip, frightening movies, and dramatic friends. Unhealed trauma is behind our health, weight, addiction, s

How and Why I Quit Drinking Coffee

I used to drink a strong pot coffee daily. I also supplemented with more caffeine from diet cola and chocolate . . . until I quit caffeine in 1996 without withdrawal symptoms or cravings, and my life and productivity improved immediately. I thought I needed caffeine to keep up with my responsibilities and to get ahead in my career. In my mind, caffeine was a necessity for living. I didn’t realize that caffeine was causing me more problems than solutions.  For ex

18 Tips For Healing Anxiety From Toxic Relationships

Being in a relationship that is safe and mutually respectful is a normal human desire and we all deserve to have those qualities in our relationships. However, all too often we blame ourselves for relationship problems, rather than simply acknowledging it is toxic or dysfunctional and whether it is salvageable.  Here are 18 tips to break free of toxic relationship patterns that are keeping you miserable.    Tip 1: Remove Yoursel

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