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3 Foods to Increase Your Intuition

I’ve studied the link between diet and intuition for over 20 years, as a former eating disorder therapist and as a teacher of intuition. My first studies began with shifting my own diet. In 1996, I would sit for hours in meditation and ask how to become more clairvoyant. The answers which came to me were food-related. At first, I was confused because I hadn’t yet realized the link between the foods we eat and our intuition. But now that I’ve followed this guidance fo

How A Healthy Endocrine System Increases Your Intuition
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In my new book Nutrition For Intuition  that I co-wrote with Robert Reeves, we share information about foods to eat and avoid to enhance your spiritual gifts. The three clairs located within our heads—clairvoyance, clairaudience, and claircognizance—are also regulated by three members of the endocrine system in the head. Therefore, having an healthy endocrine system, is key to optimizing your intuitive skills.  Here is a brief overview of each.

4 Ingredients to Help You Detox

If you’re new to detoxing, you may feel perplexed when you’re hungry and wonder, What can I eat? The answer is: focus on the ingredients that go into meals more than the meal itself. Many ingredients that you may already have in your kitchen can assist your detox and boost your immune system and energy levels. In many cases, detox is about adding a helpful ingredient to your diet. Here are four naturally detoxing ingredients which you can add to your diet:

How To Clear Your Chakras By Changing Your Diet
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Different foods have varying effects on our chakra energy system. They can support, hinder, or be neutral to it. Dense foods (with a low life-force energy) tend to close the chakras, while light foods (with higher life- force energy levels) tend to open them. For example, meats that have a low life-force energy have a chakra-closing effect. A fresh fruit salad, in contrast, can help chakras become larger and brighter. Why do so many spiritual masters and organiza­tio

10 Steps To Becoming A Vegan
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Doreen Virtue

Sometimes we resist making changes because they feel too overwhelming. If you’re balking at veganism, perhaps it’s because you need to make the transition gradually. For instance, begin with one vegan meal a week. Then, make two meals a week vegan, and so on. This also gives your stomach a chance to adapt to a lower-fat diet so that you won’t feel hungry from going “cold turkey” from meat (no pun intended!).

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