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4 Ways To Find Your Tribe

If you feel lonely, or misunderstood by your current group of friends or partner, then it’s time to find your “tribe.”   Your tribe consists of like-minded people who understand you. They can be friends, business partners, or your romantic partner. They are gentle and respectful to you, and would never make fun of you. For that reason, you feel comfortable being yourself around your tribe members.    When you’re with your tribe, there

4 Easy Reminders For Effective Communication
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In my new course Certified Assertiveness Coaching, I speak about the need to first identify any lack of assertiveness in yourself. To be successful, it is vitally important that you are modeling the behavior you are teaching. Here's a reminder of what it means to be assertive. How to Stand Up for Yourself 1. Be The Strong Warrior Type

When confronted with any form of danger, every living creature defends itself. This is a hardwired response built i

Why Boundaries Can Save Your Relationships . . . and Your Sanity!

Do you find yourself saying “Yes” when you really want to say “No”? Do others take advantage of your kindness? Do people expect you to drop everything and conform to their wishes?                If this sounds like your life, then it’s time for some healthy boundaries. A boundary is your limit, which no one can overstep or violate. No matter who the other person is or how much you love him or her,

The Surpring Reasons Why Gentle Yoga is Better For You

Yoga is the exercise program most often recommended to heal post-traumatic symptoms and to reduce stress hormones and the experience of stress. However, studies show that you don’t have to pound it out with frantic sun salutations and fast-paced warrior poses in order to gain benefits from yoga. In fact, as you’ll read, gentle and restorative yoga is proving beneficial in healing the mind and body. Besides, there’s a lot of evidence that doing stressful exercis

7 Ways to Manage Your Sensitive Energy

As a highly sensitive person, you can feel everyone’s emotions. Sometimes, this can be an overwhelming experience. It can seem difficult to distinguish your feelings from other people’s energies. Yet, shutting down your feelings to protect yourself is just as painful.  Fortunately, there are ways to manage your sensitivity: Cherish your sensitivity.Being sensitive IS an asset, no matter what other people say or any struggles it creates for you. Se

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