Why We Love Unicorns

Why We Love Unicorns
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Doreen Virtue

  • Nov 28, 2016

With all of the intensity going on right now, I thought you’d enjoy connecting with the pure and uplifting energy of the unicorns. What a welcome retreat to ascend our consciousness to the vibration of cooperation and unconditional love. I am excited to share about my new Messages From the Unicorns Coloring Book  which includes a free brand-new unicorn meditation audio.

While unicorns are still considered mythical, there’s a lot of historical evidence that they once roamed the earth as real physical animals. I recently purchased a 16th century prayer card – pictured here – showing Jesus in the gardens with a unicorn.

 Saint Hildegard wrote about working with unicorns for physical healing in her chapter about how animals can help our  health.  Her ancient writings showed how unicorns were so pure that only maidens could catch them, and how unicorns were hunted and killed for medicinal purposes.

And in the ancient King  James version of the Bible, there are references to unicorns everywhere such as Numbers 23:22 which says: “God brought them out of Egypt; he hath as it were the strength of a unicorn.” You can find other references to unicorns in the KJV in Job 39:9-10; Psalms 22, 29 and 92; Deuteronomy 33:17, and Isaiah 34:7

Biblical scholars say that unicorns were frequently referenced in the older versions of the Bible, and that newer versions changed the word to oxen or rhinoceros. I am also impressed by all of the ancient art contains images of unicorns. Visit any ancient art museum and you'll see dozens of paintings, tapestries, and statues with unicorns.

My research shows that unicorns are amongst the extinct animals who are still with us in spirit. They have pure, kind, and generous souls. When I give readings to children and highly creative people, I usually see unicorns as their spirit guides.

Unicorns help us to access and express our creative inner child, which enthusiastically sees unlimited possibilities. Many successful people have learned this ancient secret of working with unicorns for creative inspiration.

With the Messages From the Unicorns Coloring Book , you'll connect with their sweet and uplifting presence. The coloring book is relaxing and meditative, which is perfect for releasing stress, and receiving new creative solutions and ideas. And it's now on sale at a 1/3 discount! You'll also receive a free bonus of a relaxing Unicorn Meditation audio to listen to when you're coloring or just need a restful escape.

Coloring books make wonderful holiday gifts for children and adults alike, and be sure give yourself this gift too . . . especially at the special discounted price  at http://bit.ly/UnicornColoringBook

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