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How to Keep the Faith and Keep Going

I understand how frustrating and disappointing it can feel, when your dreams don’t seem to be immediately realized. You are excited to share your product or service with others, and to get going with your life purpose career. This can also be true with your prayers for healing, relationships, and so forth.

I felt that way when I sent my first book proposal to potential publishers, and all I received were rejection letters. At first, I thought this might be a sign that I wasn’t meant to be an author.

Yet here’s what I want to share with you: If you repeatedly and continuously receive a message to do something positive . . . do it! That’s your inner divine guidance, urging you toward your life purpose.

You may receive these inner promptings as feelings, intuition, thoughts, ideas, visions, or signs. It feels like your angels are persistent coaches who are encouraging you to keep going – and they are!!

That’s what my guardian angels did with my first book. Although it had been rejected, my guardian angels urged me to take the printed manuscript out of my desk drawer and send it out again. They clearly guided me to make photocopies of the manuscript and send it to 44 publishers! And this time (although I received 40 rejection letters), I was accepted by 4 publishers!

Look at those Angel Numbers! The number 4 means the angels are with you, and they certainly were when they pushed me past all of my fears of failure and success. The angels had me focus upon my mission: to help as many people as possible, instead of focusing upon fears.

Similarly, when I first had a clear vision to create angel oracle cards, my publisher didn’t immediately “get” the concept.  So I received a rejection. Yet, the angels never get discouraged, and they urged me to ask my publisher again . . . which I did, and received a second “No.” Those angels are persistent and tenacious, because they had me ask my publisher 4 times, and finally I received a “Yes.”

If you’re experiencing blocks or delays, please keep the faith and keep going. Listen to the persistent divine guidance, which will support you and open all the right doors for you. Do not let the world’s “No’s” stop you from following all of the “Yes’s” you’re receiving from God through the angels.

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