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Doreen Virtue’s Blog
Reversing Course and Following Your Right Path

By Guest Blogger, Grant Virtue, Co-Author of "Angels of Abundance" and "Angel Words" and originally published on his website at: Life can lead us down some unusual roads. When we are young some, or maybe even most, of us have an idea of what we want to be or do. This often changes as we grow, and that is perfectly normal and usually not very alarming. Where things can get tricky is when we are so far down a path tha

Crystals and Gemstones Associated with the Archangels

The angels watch over every aspect of our lives, and the archangels each have specialities as their part in fulfilling God's will of peace. You can connect more deeply with the archangels by working with crystals which resonate with the same color frequency and speciality of the associated archangel. For more information on the specialty of each archangel, please visit the Meet the Angels section of by clicking here:

The Halo Colors of Angels

Angels have long been painted with halos, which are glowing lights indicating their heavenly purety and divine origin. Each of the archangels glow in different colors, which correspond to their specialties. To read more about the specialty and function of each archangel, please visit the Meet The Angels section of by clicking here: Archangel  Name          H

Angels and Astrological Signs

The angels watch over every aspect of our lives, from the moment we are born. Each of the astrological signs are governed by a specific angel, all of whom are managed by the Archangels Michael and Raphael. Here are the astrological signs managed by each specific angel. These signs can be any aspect of your chart (sun, moon, rising, etc.).  For more information, please read Angel Astrology 101 Michael and Raphael —the overseers of all Ariel—Aries,

How to Manifest Instantly

Divine Magic means that you have the God-given power to heal and manifest anything you need for your life purpose. The study of this ability is called Hermetics, based upon the ancient love-based Hermetic teachings (not to be confused with some fear-based teachings which aren't genuine Hermetics).

One of the principles that has helped me the most is called "The Principle of Polarity."  The Principle of Polarity could also be called “The Principle of Practicality,” since it offers a profoundly practical tool for living, manifesting, and healing. It’s based upon the Hermetic principle that everything has two polarities or extremes. These seeming opposites are part of the same pole, and they’re just situated at different ends. For example, hot and cold are extremes of the pole called “temperature.”   In between the two polarities of hot an

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