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How to Hear Your Angels and Know if it's True Divine Guidance or Your Imagination

It’s ironic that I, a former psychotherapist who once worked in locked hospital psychiatric wards, now teach people how to hear voices! Yet, when we listen for the voice of God and the angels, it’s the sanest sound we’ll ever hear. It can show us love in the face of seeming chaos and provide us with logical solutions when challenges arise. Hearing the voice of God and the angels is called clairaudience, or “clear hearing.” Let’s discuss what it is, and how to increas

7 Ways to Manage Your Sensitive Energy

As a highly sensitive person, you can feel everyone’s emotions. Sometimes, this can be an overwhelming experience. It can seem difficult to distinguish your feelings from other people’s energies. Yet, shutting down your feelings to protect yourself is just as painful.  Fortunately, there are ways to manage your sensitivity: Cherish your sensitivity.Being sensitive IS an asset, no matter what other people say or any struggles it creates for you. Se

5 Ways to Shield and Clear Your Energy

The energy’s intense right now, and it looks like it will stay intense for awhile. Those who are sensitive may absorb other people’s fear, anger, or stress energy, and confuse it with their own emotions. So it’s essential to manage your own energy with shielding and clearing methods such as these: The Power of Nature. The great outdoors has a wonderful clearing effect, so if you can take regular walks, hikes, or spend time sitting in nature, you’ll feel refr

How to Stop Worrying About Your Future

A major block to abundance is worrying about how your prayers will be answered. All of your good work with prayers, visualization, and manifestation is like putting your foot on the gas pedal, and worrying is the equivalent of a brake pedal. So you go nowhere as a result. A big cause of worry is the ego-mind (that part of us that is distrustful and afraid) trying to figure out “how” everything will work itself out. The ego-mind wants to know every detail about the wa

Hang In There -- Life DOES Get Better With Age!

  Today, I turned 57, and in many ways it was my best birthday ever. I am sharing this for anyone who’s suffering and wondering if things will ever improve. I’m living proof that they do. My life hasn’t been easy, and I’ve had experiences that would make sensitive people cry if I discussed them publically. There have been many dark-night-of-the-soul moments where I had long talks with God to keep me going. I frequently walked in faith, unsure of myself, bu

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