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Free Chapter One Excerpt of Solomon's Angels

          At first I fought for control of my emotions. He doesn’t matter, I told myself, pretending to be aloof. I even willed my breathing and heartbeat to relax. But then I looked into his eyes, went limp, and surrendered.   His eyelashes danced with poetic intelligence and alert playfulness. My heart thumped against his chest as he pulled me into his sandalwood scent—I feared that its loudness betrayed th

Healing From the Dark Night of the Soul

Butterflies are proof that you can go through a dark period, and emerge with new wings to fly!


The dark night of the soul occurs when you confront your innermost fears and feel them completely and deeply. These are fears that you’ve had, but which you previously kept from conscious awareness by staying busy, using intoxicants, or willing yourself not to think about them.


In a cycle of irony, when we hide our fears from concious awareness, it's because we are afraid of our own fears. Yet, when we face the fears, we can see how illogical and powerless they are. That's when we are no longer ruled or controlled by unconscious fears. It's true freedom!

The Meaning of the Number 6

Many people ask me the meaning of the number 6,  and many have fears of the Revelations messages about the “mark.” So, this is a brief summary of the meaning:   Six has unique properties:   Earthly matters. The number 6 refers to earthly matters, and you can find naturally occurring instances of 6 in electronic photos of water crystals and snowflakes. Slice open a tomato or bell pepper and you often find six chambers, like th

How to Hear Your Angels and Know if it's True Divine Guidance or Your Imagination

It’s ironic that I, a former psychotherapist who once worked in locked hospital psychiatric wards, now teach people how to hear voices! Yet, when we listen for the voice of God and the angels, it’s the sanest sound we’ll ever hear. It can show us love in the face of seeming chaos and provide us with logical solutions when challenges arise. Hearing the voice of God and the angels is called clairaudience, or “clear hearing.” Let’s discuss what it is, and how to increas

7 Ways to Manage Your Sensitive Energy

As a highly sensitive person, you can feel everyone’s emotions. Sometimes, this can be an overwhelming experience. It can seem difficult to distinguish your feelings from other people’s energies. Yet, shutting down your feelings to protect yourself is just as painful.  Fortunately, there are ways to manage your sensitivity: Cherish your sensitivity.Being sensitive IS an asset, no matter what other people say or any struggles it creates for you. Se

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